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Welcome to MGI

Reaching out:
Joining with leaders and organizations to reach out to the needs of the next generation, spiritually, and emotionally that they might come, into their destinies in Jesus Christ.

Leadership in the church, marketplace, education, media and government; helping them to stand steadfast in truth in the workplace.

Needs of Children:
In the United States and other countries, reaching out to the basic
needs of children beginning with the Prayer Initiative "Little Lambs Productions."

A Note From Our Founder

I [Mary] am available to share my story of being a foster child, of Japanese and Irish heritage, in the home of an Austrian-Hungarian Mother and an English Father in the midst of the Second World War, later to be adopted by this same couple. I was born in Seattle, Washington. My Japanese Grandfather and two uncles were placed in an Internment Camp in the U. S. during that time in history. My Japanese Mother, at the time, was ill with Tuberculosis, and was hospitalized; therefore, was not sent to an Internment Camp. I have always known most of my Japanese family.

I came into the saving arms of the Lord Jesus Christ at two years old…yet walked with “ one foot in the world and one foot in the church” until being close to death in 1978 when I began to come into an awareness of the need for the Holy Spirit to take over in my life! The next three years in my life were really something as the Holy Spirit began to make Himself known to me in supernatural ways! During that time, I received a divine healing from a serious physical heart diagnosis; and after having been written as a “high risk” on my life insurance policy, the insurance company had to re-write my policy for I had a supernatural touch from the Lord! GLORY!

In 1992, while National Director of Prayer for Love, In the Name of Christ (Love, INC), World Vision, the Angel of the Lord came to me in a divine visit on the streets of Dallas, Texas with a message to the Bride of Christ, His Church …a message for me to take to the world.

The Lord has gifted me to move in the Prophetic and Word of knowledge, according to the Word of God, to build up the Body of Christ that we might truly reflect His Image to a world that is in desperate need of His Truth.

In His Perfect Love,
Mary Morris